Throughout the wintertime, you are probably piling on the blankets till you can hardly move, or you are turning your thermostat up. In the event that you want to decrease your energy bill, or heat up specific smaller areas of your house, space heaters are what you’re looking for.

Today, we analyzed five of the ideal space heaters for small rooms to determine which is the very best of the best. Grab a snack, have a seat in our space-heated room, and come with us as we check out these five awesome personal room heaters.

Space Heater Reviews

1. Brightown Ceramic Mini Heater

The Brightown firm is independent and was started by a woman with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and love to get lighting. While they are most recognized for the lights that they market, the business also offers an assortment of different products that include children’s toys, camping gear, and private space heaters.

With this reviewwe picked their 250-watt miniature heater because we wanted to see exactly how big of a punch this little but powerful unit has in store.


The Brightown Ceramic Mini Heater is designed to heat your personal space using its 250-watt motor, but not the whole room. It’s a plastic coating that makes it cool and safe to the touch. The heater itself is very quiet and enrolls at only over 40 decibels.

What is more is that this unit also includes an automatic safety control, which means that it shuts down when it starts to overheat. This space heater is also ETL-listed. There’s no adjustable thermostat on this unit; rather, it only includes an off and on switch.


  • Very affordable
  • Very silent
  • Overheating protection


  • You need to be quite close to the unit to feel the Heat
  • Doesn’t heat up as quickly as other models
  • Slight odor with the first use

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2. Lasko 5409 Ceramic Heater

Typically, you are aware that you can expect quality from a brand that has been manufacturing small home appliances, like heaters and fans, for over a century. This is why we included the Lasko 5409 Ceramic Heater within our review.

As their sole private space heater using an oscillating attribute, we guessed that this model is the best one to stand against the other competitors. The Lasko manufacturer has promised their customers only top-quality merchandise and support, but are they able to deliver? Let us find out.


The Lasko 5409 Ceramic Heater is a mobile unit that supplies you with an impressive 1,500 watts worth of heat that you can take with you wherever you go. The unit is lightweight and weighs in at just 4.5 lbs, while the built-in carrying handle makes it effortless to carry around with you.

There are two adjustable settings on the unit. One lets you control the thermostat, whereas another enables you to select your silent settings: high warmth, low heat, or lover only. Also, the oscillation feature isn’t mandatory, you can easily turn it off in the other side of a button, even though it distributes the heat exceptionally well when turned on.

Lasko also designed their space heater with security in mind. There is a cool-touch exterior to protect your fingers from getting burned if you touch it, and also an overheat protection. That system shuts down the unit automatically if it begins to get too sexy. In addition to being ETL-listed, in addition, it offers a ceramic component that’s self-regulated for improved safety.


  • List Designed by a reputable brand
  • Self-regulated ceramic component
  • Multiple flexible settings


  • The 1500-watt power Is Sufficient to trip a breaker with a Lot of appliances running
  • Thermostat settings can be tricky to get to the Perfect temperature
  • Fan only setting is somewhat louder than expected

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3. Brightown Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater

The next space heater that we are going to review is just another unit designed by the specialists of Brightown. We wanted to make sure we included one which had the same power capacities as another personal grills we discussed.

Also, this specific model includes an oscillating setting, which the other one did not. Is this Brightown unit worthy enough to become one of the very best space heaters for small rooms? Let us find out!


Brightown appeared to step up their game with this oscillating space heater. More than the oscillating tech, this heater also boasts an overheat protection with an automated shut-off attribute; this combo allows the unit to shut down if it starts to overheat. Additionally, it is cool to the touch and ETL-listed like their miniature heater.

The Brightown Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater includes three configurations, which include high heat which registers at 1500 watts, very low heat which registers in 750 watts, and enthusiast only. It’s a ceramic heater component that blows out cool or warm air, depending on which setting you choose.

The company has made it known that this unit isn’t to be used in moist or humid places. Not only can it void the warranty, but it could also mess up your heater. This electric heater is great for smaller rooms, and it generates a soothing warmth.


  • Constructed carrying handle
  • Adjustable thermostat settings
  • Cool-to-touch coat


  • The Device is Very loud when Put on oscillating mode
  • Requires longer than necessary to heat up properly
  • Only has a 30-day guarantee

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4. Trustech Ceramic Space Heater

Trustech is a reliable brand that is known to market and fabricate high-quality and well-designed merchandise. They offer a vast selection of items that protect everything from space heaters to bug zappers, small home appliances, and much more.

The Trustech Ceramic Space Heater was created with the same integrity and innovation that the company maintains its consumers, and we examined their heater to find out if their guarantee was more than only a selling tactic.


The Trustech Ceramic Space Heater is designed to create enough heat to heat up a 190-square-foot room. It has two heat settings: 750 watts and 1500 watts. Along with that, in addition, it has a fan function to provide cool atmosphere.

The device works best when placed in front of you, therefore it may quickly heat your personal space. It has a 3-second heat-up period and excellent safety features. Besides an automatic shut-off with overheat protection, the device automatically shuts off if it gets tipped over.

The self-regulating element puts the heater back to work when it has come back down to a safe temperature. The oscillation attribute, on the other hand, turns a full 90° to warm your distance completely. Additionally, it includes an integrated carrying handle to make it easy to maneuver it about.

Trustech supplies a great 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 2-year warranty by using their room heater. But they really do make it their mission to clarify the metallic net is not cool-to-touch, and it does get hot. They also advise you in which you shouldn’t use the heater, so you don’t void the warranty or damage the device.


  • Overheating and tip-over protection
  • Limited two-year guarantee
  • 90° oscillation attribute


  • List Element
  • List Element
  • List Element

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5. Bovado USA Ceramic Space Heater

The Bovado USA brand is chiefly known for their cookware and bakeware products, but they do sell a number of different things too. Their platform for selling is purely through Amazon, and the Bovado USA Ceramic Space Heater is recorded as a Amazon Choice, and also among the company’s leading sellers.

We wanted to compare this heater contrary to others to see how it measured up, and to determine if a company largely known for their cookware is strong enough to enter the game of personal home heating.


There’s a reason why the Bovado USA Ceramic Space Heater created it as an Amazon Choice, and we were quite surprised. The device is simple, and it has flexible settings that allow you to choose the degree of the generated heat. You can select between low heat, higher heat, or enthusiast only.

This lightweight, personal heater involves a built-in carrying handle for convenience and advanced technology, which will help to ensure your security.

Bovado USA uses a positive temperature coefficient system in their own heaters, where specially designed ceramic discs are utilized to intensify and distribute the heat in more compact spaces. Lastly, they’re also known as a leader in security and claim to meet all of global quality standards like ETL, CE, CSA, and more.


  • Integrated tip-over protection
  • Efficiently generates heat
  • Adjustable settings


  • Sensitive thermostat
  • Quite loudly
  • Can overheat immediately when set to a higher temperature

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Assessing all of the private space heaters to the next time kept us nice and toasty while we were finishing that’s the best of the best. We looked at things such as included features, safety, price, heat generation, and more. The colder months are fast approaching, so we realize that you want to receive your hands on a personal space heater as quickly as possible.

After we broke everything down, we decided that the Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Heater is our favourite selection and one of the very best space heaters for smaller rooms currently available in the marketplace nowadays. After all, where can you go wrong with a company that has built an incredible reputation during the past 100 years?

This unit creates and distributes heat evenly, is affordably priced, and contains many different security features which help ensure you remain safe whilst heating your personal space. We recommend picking up a Lasko personal heater as soon as you can, just be careful not to push your toes or fingers directly against the metal mesh!

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