Brightown is a small, independent company that is strictly e-commerce, so that they just sell the majority of their goods via Amazon. The company stems from humble beginnings that started in 2014.

In four short years, Brightown has managed to manufacture and market a huge variety of merchandise including personal mini heaters, camping gear, children’s toys, and a wide variety of lighting choices.

Their private ceramic heater is the sole space heater that they have with such low wattage, but we chose to review the heater not just because of what we’ve heard but because of the real history of this new.

Who is this product for?

Anyone can use the Brightown Portable Mini Heater, which is actually one of the best things about it. It is fantastic for those residing in college or college dorms or cellar suites. Additionally, it is significant and large enough to heat your cubicle at work, bring with you camping, or set up on your motorhome.

Regardless of the type of adventurer that you are, or if you like to stay at home, curled up with a novel, then this ceramic mini heater is best for you. It’s great for people that are looking to heat up their private space. It may even be utilised in a baby area because of its security features.

What’s included?

There’s not any assembly required with Brightown’s miniature heater, so the bundle that you get is easy and to the point. You receive your personal space heater, which measures in at 4.3 x 4.13 x 6.69 inches, along with the power source and a user’s manual. That’s all that’s needed to maintain the distance around you warm.

Overview of the features

The Brightown Personal Ceramic Portable Mini-Heater is a 250-watt space heater that’s intended to heat your personal space, not the whole room. The vinyl, red coating makes it cool to the touch, so there is no possibility of burning your hands when you touch it.

The heater is extremely quiet, registering at just over 40 decibels. This makes it quiet enough to run in a library. Furthermore, it has overheating protection. The device automatically shuts off if it begins to overheat, so you are assured that the chance of fire is removed.

What is more is that this unit is ETL-listed for safe usage. Despite its small dimensions, it provides enough heat to keep your personal space comfortable and warm.

How to use the Brightown Personal Heater?

Unlike a number of other space heaters, then you do not need to adjust the heat level on the device frequently. It runs on electrical power, so you simply plug it in, and push the button to turn it on. It only runs at 250 watts, making it incredibly safe. It automatically shuts off if it starts to get too sexy.

But as it’s a digital device, it is always suggested that you unplug the device when you aren’t utilizing it. After all, you can never be too safe when it comes to electronics that generate warmth.


Space heaters are incredibly popular, and there’s a vast array of alternatives that you can look at as a way to choose one which fits your personal requirements. If you are looking for higher wattage and one which comes with an adjustable thermostat, then the AmazonBasics 1,500-watt Ceramic Space Heater is an affordable, excellent alternative.

Also, the Kloudic Portable Ceramic Space Heater is just another choice for those seeking something slightly more aesthetically pleasing. This electric heater includes two modes, boasts a two-second heating, and features an oscillating feature. It’s more expensive than the Brightown heater, but it also provides more features.


If you’re looking for private space heaters, you’re going to discover that some do not offer what you need. There are instances when you see that you have to go through some trial and error before finding the one that keeps you nice and toasty; that is why we did this review.

The Brightown Personal Ceramic Mini Heater supplies a substantial amount of heat when it is near you, but not enough to heat a small room. It is ideal for sitting on top of a desk, or on a windowsill to help with keeping you warm.

While we detect the lack of adjustable temperature for an expert, if you like the option to get it set on low, medium, or higher heat, an alternative might be a better fit for you.

Overall, for the price that you pay for the Brightown Personal Ceramic Mini Heater, you get more than your money’s value. There’s a lot of worth in the price, and you never have to be concerned about those chilly toes from wet socks during the winter months again.

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