Brightown is a business based in 2014 by one young girl. It’s focused on making different electrical appliances, mostly bulbs and lights. They are also known to create space heaters of the maximum quality.

Since they began, they’ve grown increasingly popular, and their goods are improving year by year. This can be reinforced by satisfied customer testimonials all over the internet.

Who is this product for?

This item is excellent for warming up small to medium size chambers, but it may not be suited to larger spaces. Besides that, it is fairly safe too, which can be due to the protective steel mesh that is put over the enthusiast.

What is more is that you can be sure on the simple fact that there’s no real threat of children or animals getting hurt by interacting with this heater. But it’s always suggested to maintain electrical heaters away from the reach of pets and children, since they can burn themselves or damage the heat supply, which might, in turn, make it malfunction.

What’s included?

When buying this product, you get no additional merchandise except for the 1-year excellent warranty that comes with all Brightown products. This might look like too short of a time interval, but you can take their stellar reputation for a promise that nothing wrong will occur with the heater so long as you use it correctly.

Overview of the features

This space heater features an overheat protection, which is an excellent safety feature that many competitor products similarly priced tend to lack. This will produce the machine automatically shut down if it ever heats itself to an unsafe temperature, so you can rest easy and not worry about it starting a flame.

Another exciting thing about the product are the 3 configurations it offers. You can use it as a cooling fan during the extended periods, but it also includes two additional modes: the 750-watt option providing moderate heat, and the 1500-watt one, that uses more electricity. The last choice is ideal for winter months, as it will give you more than enough heat to feel comfortable.

This heater measures 7 by 6.2 by 9.2 inches, which makes it quite easy to transfer and match in different settings and rooms. What’s more, it is made from ceramic, also it comes with an adjustable thermostat included, which helps balance the temperature of the location you’re warming up.

How to use this electric heater

The normal rule for most electric space heaters is to set them at least two feet away from any items that might catch fire. It’s also important to remember it isn’t appropriate to use this product in damp environments, like bathrooms. This is due to the fact that the moisture might damage the insides and cause the heater to malfunction.

Aside from that, there is absolutely no assembly needed after you first unbox this item. This usually means that you can begin using this electric heater as soon as you plug it into a power source utilizing the supplied cable.


If you’re looking for an alternative which may be able to manage warming up bigger spaces, then we’d love to recommend the Trustech Electric Space Heater. This model features a remote controller and an oscillating mode, which will allow you to be more efficient at heating the room up. At precisely the same time, these features will even give you more versatility when choosing where to set the heater.

Another great alternative would be the KEYNICE Space Heater. This model is somewhat similar to the previous product we talked about, except it’s more budget-friendly. It is made from ceramic and includes a handle at its back which enables it to be transported easily between rooms.


The Brightown Portable Electric Fan is a wonderful alternative if you’re trying to get a cheap electric space heater that you may use on several different events and locations. It has a number of features which make it perfect for use in small and medium rooms, as well as safer than many products that have a similar cost.

In addition, this heater offers you three choices: reduced heat, high heat, and even cooling. If you are interested in alternatives that might be able to work in more notable places though, then you’ll probably enjoy the choices we’ve presented to you in the options section. Just keep in mind that larger space heaters are frequently more expensive.

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