It does not matter where city you’re residing, or whether you’re living in an apartment or a home. The cold periods of the year may bring the chilly temperature inside of your home even if you have the best-insulated walls and ceilings. That’s the reason why many people opt for buying an electric space heater to keep themselves warm at all times.

But a question was raised several times, and most people still don’t know whether can electric heaters make you ill.

The brief answer is yes, however, in the following guide, we’ll explain the reasons why this happens and how to safeguard yourself.

Can Electric Heaters Make You Sick?

There’s not any doubt that you are utilizing your electric space heater to the fullest if the winter has come to your area. However, it can also have a negative impact on your health and lead to some medical troubles.

It is important to keep the indoor air quality at a healthy level, and overusing a low-quality electric space heater can make that impossible. Find out more about the causes of these dangers and how to keep them below.

Why Does This Happen?

When heating up a space, you are circulating the same atmosphere around a confined space because of the sensible fear of allowing new, freezing air from outside to come in. However, the air is always filled with germs, and they have a tendency to multiply over time and even more in hot surroundings.

Recycling the identical air over and over again may feel pleasant when it comes to temperature, but it tends to be disastrous for your health and make you ill. Here are the reasons :

Too much carbon monoxide

Various electric space heaters have a tendency to emit carbon monoxide gas, particularly those of lower price and lower quality. This gas is quite poisonous in bigger amounts and can cause severe symptoms in smaller ones.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and does not smell any different from the regular air, which explains the reason why you won’t be able to notice it before it is too late.

Modern apartments and homes will also be insulated from the interior so the air wouldn’t leak outside during heating. Though this is useful for saving power and cash, it can be quite unhealthy.

The natural contaminants of indoor air are dust and a few mild bacteria. But when there’s a man inside who’s sick or has some kind of a virus or bacteria in their own system, then simply breathing in the atmosphere will heighten your risk of getting infected, especially if there is no supply of fresh air to your home. The identical danger appears if you have pets or animals in your house, which further contaminates the atmosphere with their very own bacteria and hair.

Air humidity issues

This is one of the less pressing issues. However, it is worth mentioning. Electric space heaters may make the air inside your house extremely dry and disagreeable. This won’t make you sick, but it may irritate _skin, eyes, ears, and even nose. In case you’ve got these symptoms during the winter period, now you know what the motives behind it are.

How to Prevent Sickness Caused by Electrical Heaters

The most straightforward bit of information that we can provide you is to start out your windows during the daytime or open them a few times through the day. This will enable the fresh air to come indoors without having the whole space to feel overly chilly and unpleasant to invest time in.

Furthermore, most electric space heaters have built-in filters which will enable some of the new air in and take the rancid air which contains germs and bad particles outside. Nonetheless, these filters will need to be cleaned regularly, especially if your heater model is one of those older ones.

Many scientists today suggest not using heaters at all. This may sound extreme, but it’s a viable solution if you’re okay with spending time on your blankets, with them to keep yourself warm throughout the winters.

Not using heaters will also solve the atmosphere humidity problem we spoke about earlier. If you’re not down for that idea, then you can cope with it by buying an air humidifier that can make the issue go away.


So, can electric heaters make you sick? In other words, they can. There are a number of causes for this problem, such as if the atmosphere is too dry or contains a high level of germs and dust. Your electrical space heater emitting dangerous levels of carbon monoxide may also be the source.

The majority of them won’t cause you any lethal or acute health problems, but it’s far better to be safe than sorry. Luckily, there are easy methods to stop this from occurring.

It’s sometimes suggested to completely quit using electrical space heaters, that’s the clear solution. However, it is possible to also ventilate your space by opening up the windows a few times every day. Alternatively, purchasing an air humidifier could also solve the problem. In any case, getting a more expensive, high-quality heater is likely to make your worries disappear.