Lasko has been manufacturing portable heaters, fans, and other small appliances for more than a century. Their reputation precedes themand the company has committed to supply their customers with top-quality products and service, all at a fantastic price.

The Lasko 5409 Oscillating Space Heater is just one of several portable heaters offered by the business. However, it is the only alternative with an oscillating feature.

Who is this product for?

The Lasko 5409 Space Heater is a great portable heater that’s acceptable for anyone with heating needs. Whether you’re seeking to ease the strain on your home heating or trying to add extra warmth to your private space, this unit is right for you.

The cool-to-the-touch outside and automatic overheat protection ensure it is safe to include in your children’s room, so long as it is out of the reach. In addition, it is great for dorm rooms, basement suites, or other regions that don’t greatly benefit from your house heating. It works wonders beneath the desk to heat up your toes on cold winter days.

What’s included?

Lasko ships their 5409 oscillating model fully assembled, so you don’t need to worry about putting anything together. The weight of the full package is approximately 4.7 pounds, and it includes the portable heater, together with a user’s guide and information about Lasko’s restricted 3-year warranty.

Overview of the features

With 1,500 watts worth of reassuring heat, you are sure to get the warmth you desire wherever you move. It’s lightweight at 4.5 pounds and has a built-in carrying grip making it much easier to move around.

This unit also has two adjustable settings that let you control both the thermostat along with the quiet settings; you can pick from large heat, low heat, or fan only. Additionally, there is also a button which allows you to turn the oscillation feature on and off, providing you with the chance to spread the heat throughout your heating place or guide it in a single place.

Lasko ensured safety was a top priority by producing the heater using a cool-touch outside along with an overheat protection system which shuts down the unit when it becomes too hot. The ceramic component itself can be self-regulated, offering you extra security. It’s also ETL-listed.

How to properly position your space heater?

Now that you’ve bought your mobile space heater, you are on the ideal path, but there is much more to it than simply plugging it in anywhere. Listed below are a few placement tips that Will help you get the most out of your heater:


Your mobile heater is not designed to heat your whole home, and works best in smaller spaces like a confined room, around a desk, or near a chair. Evaluate the region in your area and determine where it is going to be the most useful.

Away from the walls

It is suggested that the heater becomes put a foot or two away in the walls, and away from any flammable materials or materials like curtains.


While portable heaters are modest, you can not place them everywhere. Lasko has contemplated security, but when the heater reaches full strength, the place can get quite hot. There should always be a minimum of a 3-foot buffer zone, particularly if there are children or pets in the region.

Keep it dry

Avoid positioning your heater in a room that’s more likely to dampness or humidity, like a bathroom or laundry area. Your heating unit can get harmed by water, that is detrimental to electric apparatus.


While taking a look at alternatives for your Lasko 5409, we wanted to concentrate on something that had similar capabilities. What we discovered is your AmazonBasics 1,500-Watt Oscillating Ceramic Space Heater.

This device has an adjustable thermostat and an oscillation attribute. It’s also cheaper compared to the space heater from Lasko. The company doesn’t have 100 years’ worth of background, but their merchandise is a fantastic solution for those searching for something cheaper.


The Lasko 5409 Oscillating Ceramic Tabletop/Floor Heater is a remarkable space heater that’s well worth the purchase price. It provides a good amount of heat and warms the area quickly. The fan also distributes the heat effectively, and also the oscillation feature only can help to raise the range.

This device is lightweight, easy to transport, and easy to store away when you aren’t using it. When comparing it from many other competing versions, it’s an unbelievable choice and one which we’re likely to stick with for so long as we could. With the winter quickly approaching, we can think of no reason to look at other versions. You get everything you need using all the Lasko 5409.

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